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Strategic Asset Positioning

In many cases the asset Owner wishes to position and manage the hotel asset towards a defined exit. In these instances they seek to determine the most profitable route towards maximizing value. We can engage in this process as our analytical approach involves understanding the financial and operational aspects of the asset and modelling the different alternatives that can drive future value, including the optimum timing for exit:

  • Strategic/Alternative Positioning of Asset
  • Brand Impact/New Brand Possibilities
  • Determine Trading Potential, Scenarios and Benchmarking
  • Physical Condition Assessment
  • Capex Possibilities To Drive Higher Returns
  • Debt and Equity Structures/Re-financing Possibilities
  • Franchise/Management Agreements
  • Capital Values/Valuation Analysis/Exit Strategies
  • Operational Effectiveness

Business Turn-around Plan

  • Identify specific improvements required and financial impact
  • Stabilise the business - cash flow priorities and cost controls
  • Execute specific initiatives immediately
  • Ensure cost savings do not overly impact service levels and metrics
  • Provide strategic support and day-to-day attention to detail -important to achieve maximum ROI
  • Apply a structured approach to improvement

Our Values

We bring best in class management thinking and processes to client problems.

Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Hotel Management

Hotel Management

Clients & Case Studies

Clients & Case Studies
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